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Welcome to the Slovak Archive of Social Data website

Data catalogue
The Slovak Archive of Social Data (SASD) arose in 2004 with the aim of making the documentation, data and information about the results of sociological research accessible for the needs of research and non-commercial use, and to store them in electronic and printed form.

The basis of the data archive is primarily formed by the documentation and the data from international research programmes such as the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) and information about research were realized in the framework of European Social Survey (ESS), and the European Values Study (EVS), in which Slovakia participated through funding from the state budget or external grants.

SASD also preserves and makes those results of sociological research accessible that were financed by private means or arose out of commercial purposes, but only if the data rights owner decides to open these to the public and the research fulfils the usual professional requirements.

Apart from data, SASD consists of lists of other social data archives worldwide, links to important social data sources and a list of publications, authors of which used data available in the data archive.
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