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Continuity and Change in Slovakia. September 1992
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Identification Number: SASD 1992001
Author: Inštitút stredoeurópskych štúdií FM UK (ISŠ FM UK) = Central-European Studies Institute of the Faculty of Management, Comenius University ISŠ FM UK/ PhDr. Vladimír Krivý CSc.
Date of collection: September 9, 1992 to September 21, 1992
Data collector: Metodicko-výskumný kabinet Slovenského rozhlasu (MVK SRo)
Sampling procedure: quota sample
Number of cases: 1168

Abstract: The research was undertaken in the agitated period of September 1992: less than three years after the fall of the communist regime, at a time when nationalistic feelings were running high, three months after the parliamentary elections in which the split of CSFR was practically decided, during ongoing talks between the Czech and Slovak politicians on how Czecho-Slovakia shall be split, in a period when economical reforms were in full swing and when people were discovering the possibilities and opportunities of entrepreneurship, privatisation and investing and when they would face the growing unemployment. The research looks into personal experiences, opinions, evaluations and feelings of Slovakia's population within the mentioned framework. Thematic issues can be defined as follows: evaluation of changes after November 1989, opinion on whether this change was necessary or not, which groups did profit from the change and for which ones it meant a loss, break-in of the "great history" into the micro-environment, living standard 3 years after, property restitutions, entrepreneurship, taking part in the voucher privatisation, investing money, opinions on privatisation, experience with the first private businesses, conflicts between groups within society, changes in companies and ascribing responsibility for the prevalent problems, evaluation of historical periods and politically relevant personalities from the past, general economic and political opinions, problems related to the splitting of Czecho-Slovakia and Slovakia's existence as an independent country, causes of the split, referendum simulation, expectations for the following year

Citation: Trvanie a zmena na Slovensku. September 1992 ISŠ FM UK = Continuity and Change in Slovakia. September 1992 ISŠ FM UK
Availability status: O - open to public

Other Study-Related Materials:Related Publications:
  • Krivý, V., Feglová, V., Balko, D.: Slovensko a jeho regióny. Sociokultúrne súvislosti volebného správania, Bratislava 1996
  • Krivý, V.: Trvanie a zmena na Slovensku. September 1992. IŠS FM UK, Bratislava 1992 (manuscript)
  • Krivý, V: Socio - Cultural Continuity and Political Change. Slovakia in the 1990s. Faculty of Arts. Comenius University, Bratislava 1993 (manuscript)
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