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ISSP Social Inequality II 1992
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Identification Number: SASD 1992002
Author: Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Jilska 1, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic; Petr Mateju
Date of collection: 1992-10-16 to 1992-11-06
Data collector: STEM Agency (Centre for Empirical Research, Prague, Czech Republic) www.stem.cz
Sampling procedure: Two-stage random sample. Stage one: localities (fixed sample). Stage two: random sample of individuals in localities from the Central Register of Population.
Number of cases: 423 - Slovak subset

Abstract: Survey is a part of International Social Survey Programme (ISSP). ISSP 1992 Social Inequality II was dedicated to factors influencing chances of individual for social mobility, like parent's status, education, contacts etc., attitudes to inequalities, to social conflict, notions of real average and just incomes of various professions etc. Survey in Czechoslovakia was then particularly focused on unemployment and income differentiation. Data was collected in Czech and Slovak republic based on the same questionnaire, in appropriate language mutation. International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) due to its long-term continuity enables to compare the dynamics of changes of different societies on all continents. At the background of the initiative of research from more countries was the realization of steadily growing need to compare and coordinate research design and aims in international perspective. High methodological level of ISSP and content attractive research themes contributed since 1983 to publication of this document to the enlargement of ISSP members to 44 countries. Every country in ISSP is as a rule represented by one research institution whereby the membership is strictly selective and follows the approval of other members. Slovakia is represented by the Institute for Sociology of the SAS. More at official webpage: www.issp.org

Citation: ISSP 1992
Availability status: 0 - open to public data set in Slovak for Slovak Republic, integrated data file in English at http://zacat.gesis.org

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  • Bibliography related to this survey is available at official ISSP website: http://www.issp.org/public.shtml
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The complete documentation in DDI format can be found here.
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