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ISSP National Identity I 1995
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Identification Number: SASD 1996001
Author: Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Klemensova 19, Bratislava 813 64, Slovak Republic, www.sociologia.sav.sk; Magdalena Piscova, magdalena.piscova@savba.sk
Date of collection: 1996-06-15 to 1996-06-26
Data collector: Slovak radio, Methodic-research office, Mytna 1, 812 90 Bratislava, Slovak republic
Sampling procedure: Two-stage proportional sampling procedure.
Number of cases: 1388 - Slovak subset

Abstract: The survey is a part of International Social Survey Programme (ISSP). The ISSP is a continuing annual programme of cross-national collaboration on surveys covering topics important for social research. ISSP module includes nationalism and patriotism, localism and globalism, and diversity, feeling of "closeness" to home country, relations with other countries, treatment of immigrants and minority groups, political influence, economy, social security, science and technology, international relations, foreign trade restrictions, foreign language education, purchase of land by foreigners, political refugees, citizenship. Beside the ISSP module on National Identity, the questionnaire consists of questions of "Central European addendum" concerned with the image of Central Europe, mutual relationships among the Central European countries, questions concerning euro-atlantic integration of Slovakia, and Austria-Hungary etc. Demographic characteristics are in Slovak -specific form. More on ISSP survey at official webpage: www.issp.org

Citation: ISSP National Identity I 1995
Availability status: 0 - open to public data set in Slovak for Slovak Republic, integrated data file in English at http://zacat.gesis.org

Other Study-Related Materials:Related Publications:
  • BUNČÁK, J. - PISCOVÁ, Magdalena. Modern National Identity of Slovaks and Their Attitude Towards Europe. In Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review : časopis pre otázky sociológie. ISSN 0049-1225, 2000, vol. 32, no. 3, pp. 289-310.
  • Buncak, Jan and Piscova, M., "Modern National Identity of Slovaks and their Attitudes toward Europe," in Social Science in Eastern Europe, edited by Pal Tamas and Ulrike Becker. Berlin: InformationsZentrum Sozialwissenschaften, 2001.
  • PISCOVÁ, Magdalena. K priestorovej a hodnotovej identite /Pohľad na štyri krajiny podľa výsledkov výskumu národnej identity/. In Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review. ISSN 0049-1225, 2000, roč. 32, č. 1, s. 103-110.
  • PISCOVÁ, Magdalena - MANNOVÁ, Elena. Národná identita a hodnoty spoločnosti. In Zborník analyticko-prognostických štúdií k prognóze rozvoja Slovenska do roku 2010. - Bratislava : PÚ SAV, 2002, s. 32-35.
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  • Piscova, Magdalena, et al.: Aspekty národnej identity a národná identita v strednej Európe. Záverečná správa z projektu štátnej objednávky 95/5305/065, Sociologický ústav SAV, Bratislava, 1997.
  • Bahna, M., Piscová, M., Tížik, M. (2009): Shaping of national identity in the processes of separation and integration in central and eastern Europe." In.: Haller, M., Jowell, R., Smith T. W. (eds.): Charting The Globe. The International Social Survey Program, 1985 - 2005. Routledge, 2009, New York, London.
  • ISSP references are availiable on the official ISSP webpage: http://www.issp.org/public.shtm
Data access request form can be found here.

The complete documentation in DDI format can be found here.
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