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ISSP Religion 1998
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Identification Number: SASD 1998001
Author: Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Klemensova 19, Bratislava 813 64, Slovak Republic, coordinator of project Magdaléna Piscová
Date of collection: July 1 1998 to July 31 1998
Data collector: MVK Agency, Godrova 8, 811 06 Bratislava
Sampling procedure: Random sample of 1284 respondents. Sampling was done by the random selection procedure we use to call random walk technique. It is the set of rules that is applied in gradual choice of (a) a house (block of flats) doorway; (b) an apartment and (c) a person (a household member). The term walk is used because the sampling procedure is done by walking across the itinerary determined by the departure point and movement rules. Instructions for random walk were as follows: A. Itinerary of random walk, B. The selection of an apartment in the block of flats, C. The selection of respondent in a household, D. The end of random walk. Random walk finishes in the moment where the interviewer succeeds to obtain five completed interviewees. Certainly, random walk needs not to be done in one day, it can be done by parts. However, the interviewer has always to continue his walk on the same place he ended his walk last time
Number of cases: 1,284

Abstract: ISSP Religion 1998 is a representative research of Slovakia's population. It is a national version of the ISSP international project. Within this project, this was the first time in Slovakia a modul focusing on Religion has been carried out. Topics of the research include looking into the opinions and attitudes of Slovakia's citizens related to various issues of religious and public life, such as male and female roles in houshold, premarital cohabitation, presonal trust and trust in others, confidence in institutions, role of religion in politics, attitudes towards science, attitudes towards importance of faith in society, inclusion in informal organizations, religiosity, belif in God, belif in heaven, belif in hell, belif in life after death, statements about God, religious orientation of respondent, partner, and parents, morals, Bible, meaning of life. It also includes information on employment status, job and income, as well as soci-demographic data on respondents aged over 18. More on ISSP and all survey modules: www.issp.or

Citation: ISSP Religion 1998
Availability status: Slovak data set: 0 - open to public, integrated data set in English on http://zacat.gesis.org/webview/index.jsp

Other Study-Related Materials:Related Publications:
  • Bunčák, J.: Religizita na Slovensku: stredoeurópsky rámec. Slovak Sociological Review vol. 33 No.1/2001
  • Krivý, V.: Hodnotové orientácie a náboženské prejavy slovenskej verejnosti v 90. rokoch. Slovak Sociological Review vol. 33 No.1/2001
  • Tížik, M: On Sociology of New Religiosity. (K sociológii novej religiozity) Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, Bratislava, 2006
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The complete documentation in DDI format can be found here.
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