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Slovakia's Topical Problems. January 1999
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Identification Number: SASD 1999001
Author: Inštitút pre verejné otázky IVO = Institute for Public Affairs IVO, PhDr. Zora Bútorová, CSc.
Date of collection: January 2, 1999 to February 2, 1999
Data collector: Agentúra FOCUS = FOCUS Agency
Sampling procedure: quota sample
Number of cases: 1806

Abstract: The Slovakia's Topical Problems research - January 1999 is a part of a long-term research project called "Slovakia's Topical Problems" which has been underway since the beginning of the 1990's under the auspices of various institutions (Social Analysis Centre, FOCUS Agency, Institute for Public Affairs IVO). Its aims involve scrutinising and analysing the public's opinions on the changing political, social and economic situation. The January 1999 research focuses on the evaluation of post-election developments in Slovakia, on citizens' expectations after the 1998 parliamentary elections. It also deals with the citizens' trust in political parties, institutions and personalities, electoral preferences, political stances and the potential of political involvement. Moreover, it looks into the views on foreign policy, attitudes to the Roma minority and Slovak-Hungarian relations. The research also deals wit the issue of how the citizens evaluate a historical contribution of several personalities from the past periods. In addition, the respondents' media behaviour is looked into within the basic socio-demographic characteristics. On the whole, the research has a vast thematic span, offering a deep insight especially into political opinions and value systems of Slovakia's population

Citation: Aktuálne problémy Slovenska. Január 1999, IVO = Slovakia's Topical Problems. January 1999, IVO
Availability status: O - open to public

Other Study-Related Materials:Related Publications:
  • Gyárfášová, O., Krivý, V., Velšic, M.: Krajina v pohybe. Správa o politických názoroch a hodnotách ľudí na Slovensku. IVO, Bratislava 2001
  • Kollár, Miroslav (ed.), Mesežnikov, Grigorij (ed.): Slovensko 2000. Súhrnná správa o stave spoločnosti. IVO, Bratislava, 2000
  • Marošiová, L., Gyárfášová, O., Velšic, M.: Otvorené okná. IVO, Bratislava, 2000
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