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EVS - European Values Study 1999
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Identification Number: SASD 1999002
Author: Dr. Zuzana Kusá - responsible for survey in Slovak Republic, principal coordinator of project - Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands, Loek Halman
Date of collection: June 1 1999 to July 31, 1999
Data collector: MVK Agency, Groesslingova 6-8, 814 07 Bratislava, Slovakia
Sampling procedure: Sample was made in two steps: 1. Selection of 8 regions and selection of settlements within the regions, 2. Defining the number of households in the settlements based on the size of population. Selection of households within the localities using the method of "random walk". The final number of clusters or sampling points is 220. The sampled unit from office sampling is the address. For the selection of the respondent within the household the Kish-grid method was used, based on the number of adults and number of adult men. There were quota controls for gender and age
Number of cases: 1331

Abstract: The Survey was part of European Values Study. This Survey was a repetition of Surveys from years 1981 (Czecho-Slovakia did not take part in this wave) and 1991. The main aim was to faciliate international comparison of values and attitudes and their changes in European countries. Amongst issues included in Study belong work, meaning of life and life goals, family life, current social problems - divorce, suicide, abortion. This wave was conducted in almost all European countries, except Norway, Switzerland and former Yugoslavian countries

Citation: EVS 1999
Availability status: Slovak data set: 0 - open to public, integrated data set in english on http://zacat.gesis.org/webview/index.jsp.

Other Study-Related Materials:Related Publications:
  • Tížik, M: On Sociology of New Religiosity. (K sociológii novej religiozity) Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, Bratislava, 2006
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The complete documentation in DDI format can be found here.
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