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Accessibility of culture and local culture from the point of view of citizens of the Slovak republic
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Identification Number: SASD 2001003
Author: Národné osvetové centrum
Date of collection: 2001-06-01 to 2001-06-30
Data collector:
Sampling procedure: Quota sampling
Number of cases: 1163

Abstract: The survey was carried out for the Department of Traditional Culture at The Slovak National Cultural Centre and aimed to obtain data on people's possibilities for attending cultural events in their vicinity. Given this objective, the questions were formulated to determine the level of interest in leisure activities, frequency of attendance at cultural events, passportization of cultural facilities in the place of residence and their condition, quality of cultural events, affordability, obstacles preventing the respondent from attending cultural events as well as proposals for improving the presentation of culture outside the cities. The survey questions also aimed to assess the following areas: the care given to cultural events by the state itself, the improvement of the quality of culture, the promotion of cultural events organized by state institutions and private entrepreneurs, the state's effort to promote cultural events for national minorities as well as the greatest absence in cultural production within the residents' region i.e. what does the respondent's place of residence lack the most in terms of culture. The survey was conducted on a representative sample of 1150 respondents via a quota sample (gender, age, education, the size of the settlement as well as religious denomination, and economic status).

Citation: Národné osvetové centrum. Dostupnosť kultúry a miestna kultúra z pohľadu občanov Slovenskej republiky. [dátový súbor]. Bratislava: Slovenský archív sociálnych dát, 2023. SASD2001003. Verzia 1.0. DOI: https://doi.org/10.34877/sasd-2001003.
Availability status: O - prístupný pre verejnosť

Other Study-Related Materials:Related Publications:
  • Dostupnosť kultúry a miestna kultúra z pohľadu občanov Slovenskej republiky. Záverečná správa z výskumu, Národné osvetové centrum v Bratislave - Kabinet výskumu verejnej mienky, 2001, 13 s.
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