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Collective Identities in Contemporary Slovakia 2003
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Identification Number: SASD 2003001
Author: "Collective Identities" Excellency centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences / PhDr. Vladimír Krivý, CSc., e-mail: Vladimir.Krivy@savba.sk
Date of collection: November, 2003 to November, 2003
Data collector: Agentúra MVK = MVK Agency
Sampling procedure: quota sample
Number of cases: 1131

Abstract: Attention is given not solely to the national identity, since this represents only one of various possibilities for collective identities. In the past centuries, the lines of discord would follow rather the religious differences than run along the linguistic borders. Currently, expressions of rivalry between gender identities (feminism) appear more frequently, the youth's subcultures have risen in prominence and social consciousness of the young people has been enhanced. The questions that provided the base for the research included especially the following: Which occasions for collectivity does the current public in Slovakia consider as decisive? Which are the groups, collectively shared opinions and collective symbols that people define themselves against (positively or negatively) most often? Which historical events and personalities represent the positive and negative pillar of usual historical consciousness of the Slovak population? Which deeper cultural inclinations are suggested by this historical consciousness? Thematic issues of the research: environment respondents grew up in; language; reference groups and negative group definition; positioning oneself in relation to the ideas and cultures; history: personalities, events, periods, national history, traumas, the country's cultural identity; value systems, political opinions, recognised symbols; relation to other close nations; European Union membership. Respondents were interviewed in November 2003

Citation: Kolektívne identity na súčasnom Slovensku 2003 = Collective Identities in Contemporary Slovakia 2003
Availability status: O - open to public

Other Study-Related Materials:Related Publications:
  • Krivý, V.: Prívrženci politických strán na Slovensku: status, identity, deliace línie. In: Gyarfášová, O. - Mesežnikov, G. (ed.): Vláda strán na Slovensku: Skúsenosti a perspektívy, IVO, Bratislava 2004
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