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The relationship of the Slovak population to theater art
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Identification Number: SASD 2003002
Author: Národné osvetové centrum
Date of collection: 2003-09-01 to 2003-09-30
Data collector:
Sampling procedure: Quota sampling
Number of cases: 1469

Abstract: The survey ran within a cycle of five surveys titled: Perception of Art in Slovakia after 2000. The introductory questions of the questionnaire surveyed whether the respondent had done any cultural activity in the last four months (reading fiction, attending an art exhibition, interest in books on fine arts, going to a concert of classical music, listening to classical music - on radio, LP records or CDs). Subsequently, the questions focused on the frequency of theater-going in recent years and the respondents' interest in both professional and amateur theatre as well as traditional and alternative theatre. The popularity of dramatic genres in theatre, television, or radio was also examined, together with the incentives (reasons) for choosing a particular theatre play (actors, title, author, director, theatre ensemble) and the choice of a partner when going to the theatre (a spouse, other family member, friends, colleagues, etc.). Open questions were asked about the author, title, and ensemble of the last seen theatre play. Other questions explored what plays the respondent would like to see and which performance has recently impressed them the most. Another set of questions concentrated on amateur theatre and the level of interest in this kind of theatre as well as reasons for deciding to go to this type of theatrical performance. Questions examining theatre literacy asked the respondents to match theatre personalities with their occupation (e.g., opera singer, costume designer, actor, director, theatre critic, etc.). In the final open questions, the respondents were asked to list their most popular Slovak theatre actors and actresses. The survey was carried out via a network of interviewers on a sample of 1469 respondents (the population of the Slovak Republic above 18 years of age) using the quota characteristics of gender, age, education, the size of the settlement, nationality, district and region as well as economic status, religious denomination, social class (upper, upper middle, middle, lower middle, lower class) and political orientation (left, right, middle, etc.).

Citation: Národné osvetové centrum. Vzťah obyvateľov Slovenska k divadelnému umeniu. [dátový súbor]. Bratislava: Slovenský archív sociálnych dát, 2023. SASD2003002. Verzia 1.0. DOI: https://doi.org/10.34877/sasd-2003002.
Availability status: O - prístupný pre verejnosť

Other Study-Related Materials:Related Publications:
  • Mgr. Vladimír Blaho: Výskum vzťahu slovenskej populácie k divadlu, záverečná správa z výskumu, Národné osvetové centrum v Bratislave - Ústav výskumu kultúry a verejnej mienky, Bratislava, 2003, 42 strán, 7 strán príloh
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