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National Identity in Slovakia & ISSP 2003
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Identification Number: SASD 2004001
Author: Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology (Ksoc FiF UK, www.fphil.uniba.sk) / Tížik, Miroslav
Date of collection: start April 20, 2004 to end May 17, 2004
Data collector: Agency of Social Analyses "ASA", Ltd., Palisády 36, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
Sampling procedure: National multistage area probability sample of households and selection of respondent according to the nearest birthday.
Number of cases: 1152

Abstract: National Identity in Slovakia& ISSP 2003 is survey representative for inhabitants of the Slovak Republic. It contains the ISSP National Identity 2003 module. ISSP National Identity 2003 module is followed by questions estimates of opinion on the position of men and women in the society, tendency to migration, degree of the social distance, opinion on the most important reason of poverty, confidence to others and self-confidence, life-satisfaction, intensity of social life, and questions estimating attitudes to religion and church. In first part of the data-set are questions of ISSP, National Identity 2003 module. In second part is information focused on religious behaviour and attitudes, and political preferences. In the second part were applied the same questions as in European Value Study performed in the year 1999; this allows cross-time comparison of selected data. Information is available on the employment status, occupation, and income as well as demographic variables of persons 18 years old and over

Citation: National Identity in Slovakia & ISSP 2003 / April 2004
Availability status: O - open to public

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The complete documentation in DDI format can be found here.
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