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ESS2 - 2004 European Social Survey Round 2
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Identification Number: SASD 2004003
Author: Institute of Social Sciences - Slovak Academy of Sciences in Košice; Výrost Jozef
Date of collection: 30th August to 2nd december 2004
Data collector: Markwin Agency, Piešťanská 53, 04011 Košice
Sampling procedure: Simple random sample of persons born before 1.09.1989. An extract of the register will be made, consisting of all persons born before 1.09.1989. Persons in this extract will be numbered from 1 to N and 2500 random numbers generated between 1 and N.
Number of cases: 1512

Abstract: The European Social Survey ESS2 - 2004 European Social Survey Round 2 is a second wave of an academically-driven social survey designed to chart and explain the interaction between Europe's changing institutions and the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of its diverse populations. The survey has been funded through the European Commission's fifth and sixth Framework Programme, the European Science Foundation and national funding bodies in each country. This round was the first round realized in Slovakia.

Citation: ESS 2 - 2004
Availability status: Slovak data set: 0 - open to public at ESS - European Social Survey, www.europeansocialsurvey.org, integrated data set in English also at www.europeansocialsurvey.org

Related Publications:
  • Výrost, J. a kol. (2006): Európska Sociálna Sonda (ESS), 2.kolo na Slovensku. Universum, Prešov
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