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Monitoring the results of implementation of cultural policy instruments in the field of cultural awareness of citizens of the Slovak Republic - first half of 2006
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Identification Number: SASD 2006003
Author: Národné osvetové centrum
Date of collection: 2006-06-01 to 2006-06-30
Data collector:
Sampling procedure: Quota sampling
Number of cases: 1446

Abstract: The project Monitoring was run on the initiative of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic and namely the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. Its objective was to determine the impact of cultural policy tools on the formation of the population's cultural awareness. Initially, the monitoring was supposed to run twice a year (in the first and second half of 2005). However, it had run only once a year since 2006, namely in 2006, 2007, and 2008. The survey objective in 2006 was to map the year-on-year change in the population's cultural awareness while focusing on people's awareness of the level of support provided to the culture by the state. The survey studied people's relationship to individual art types, how much they spend on art (the cost of attending cultural events - concerts, theatrical or film performances, going to museums and galleries, folk events, fees for following public service media, purchase or renting of DVDs, CDs, fiction books, academic literature and magazines on culture) and their sources of information on cultural events, programs and publications (friends, media, banners, posters, the internet, etc.). For each art type and cultural activity (music, theatre, film, museums, galleries, folk events, public service radio and television, literature, magazines on culture), the survey examined the following: the frequency of attending cultural events, availability of such events, personal assessment of the variety of cultural products in Slovakia as such and in particular regions, personal assessment of the artistic level of given events, affordability of such events, personal assessment of the level of interest the state shows in developing individual art types and culture and personal assessment of the degree of state funding or subsidization for individual cultural products and events. Respondents' favorite concerts, films, theatrical performances, folk performances, books, radio and television programs as well as their expectations i.e., what they would like to see, attend, listen to, read, etc. were ranked in a list based on their answers to open questions. The survey also reviewed the overall level of interest or lack of interest in cultural events and aimed to identify obstacles preventing the respondent from being interested in culture (financial reasons, lack of time, lack of information, unsatisfactory offer, unavailability, the state of respondent's health, lack of interest, etc.). The survey was conducted via a network of interviewers on a sample of 1446 respondents using the quota characteristics of gender, age, education, nationality, region, the size of the settlement, economic status, and net monthly income of all household members combined as well as on average per household member.

Citation: Národné osvetové centrum. Monitoring výsledkov implementácie nástrojov kultúrnej politiky v oblasti kultúrneho povedomia občanov Slovenska - prvý polrok 2006. [dátový súbor]. Bratislava: Slovenský archív sociálnych dát, 2023. SASD2006003. Verzia 1.0. DOI: https://doi.org/10.34877/sasd-2006003.
Availability status: O - prístupný pre verejnosť

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