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CSES a ISSP Slovakia 2020
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Identification Number: SASD 2020008
Author: Bahna, Miloslav, Institute for Sociology of SAS; Klobucký, Robert, Institute for Sociology of SAS; Zeman, Milan, Institute for Sociology of SAS; Zagrapan, Jozef, Institute for Sociology of SAS; Sopóci, Ján, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava; Džambazovič, Roman, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava; Gyárfášová, Oľga, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava
Date of collection: 2020-06-09 to 2020-08-31
Data collector: Kantar Slovakia s.r.o.
Sampling procedure: The survey consists of two independent stratified random samples. The first sample with 668 interviews included 143 PSUs selected by Probability proportional to size (PPS) sampling. The second sample with 335 interviews used the same procedure to select 130 PSUs. In the time of the fieldwork after the first COVID-19 wave he survey agency struggled with the availability and willingness of their interviewer network for a random walk face to face interviewing. This resulted int he inability to cover 28 PSUs in the first sample and 76 PSUs in the second sample. In both sample, in the selected PSUs a random walk procedure was applied to select households and respondents over 18 with the closest birthday were selected.
Number of cases: 1003

Abstract: The survey consists of two main parts: 1) the post-election survey which was part of the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) survey series which was fielded for the third time in Slovakia. In 2020 CSES module 5 was fielded, which - besides the standard questions on various aspects of the electoral decision, perceptions of political parties and their leaders, satisfaction with democracy and assessment of economic situation - focused also on the perception of political elites, democracy and minorities. 2) the Social Inequality V module, which is part of the International Social Survey Programme survey series. This particular module of the ISSP was fielded for the fifth time (for the fourth time in Slovakia, in 1992 a common Czechoslovak fieldwork was carried out). It focuses on opportunities for getting ahead, legitimacy of inequalities and inequality perceptions, earnings for various occupational groups, pay criteria, perceptions of conflicts between groups in society, perception and preferences for the stratification of society. Questions included the past and current social position of the respondent and its household. The survey has an extensive part with socio-demographic variables and includes questions prepared by the national project teem. Several methodological experiments using a split ballot design exploring the validity of several questions, scales and question translations are included in the survey.

Citation: Bahna, Miloslav; Klobucký, Robert; Zeman, Milan; Zagrapan, Jozef; Sopóci, Ján; Džambazovič, Roman; Gyárfášová, Oľga. CSES a ISSP Slovensko 2020. [dátový súbor]. Bratislava: Slovenský archív sociálnych dát, 2022. SASD2020008. Verzia 1.0. DOI: https://doi.org/10.34877/sasd-2020008.
Availability status: O súbory prístupné "on-line" na internete, pre používanie ktorých platia štandardné podmienky

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