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How Are You, Slovakia?, March 2021
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Identification Number: SASD 2021002
Author: MNFORCE, s.r.o.; Seesame, s.r.o., ; Institute for Sociology of SAS, ; Ústav výskumu sociálnej komunikácie SAV,
Date of collection: 2021-03-24 to 2021-03-27
Data collector: MNFORCE, s.r.o.
Sampling procedure: The survey used a quota sample from the MNFORCE online panel. The sample was designed as representative for the following socio-demographic variables: gender, age, county (kraj), size of settlement and education of respondent. Only population with access to the internet is covered by the survey. This means that mostly older persons without internet access are missing from the sample.
Number of cases: 1000

Abstract: The survey covers the period of a gradual decline from the record levels of hospitalization at the end of February and a decline in new daily cases. During the fieldwork a the curfew rules became stricter and forbade a walk in nature after 8 pm. Travel abroad for holidays was also forbidden. Fears of the disease, agreement and compliance with the introduced quarantine measures, changes of behavior at times of the epidemic and the approval of government strategies are surveyed. Several questions are dedicated to vaccination plans and factors influencing the decision to not/vaccinate. Surveyed are also fears of loosing work and changes in the income situation and situation in the public health care system during the pandemic. This is the eight survey from the "How are you, Slovakia?" survey series.

Citation: MNFORCE, s.r.o., Seesame, s.r.o., Sociologický ústav SAV, Ústav výskumu sociálnej komunikácie SAV. Ako sa máte, Slovensko?, March 2021. [dátový súbor]. Slovenský archív sociálnych dát, 2021. SASD2021002. Verzia 1.0. DOI: https://doi.org/10.34877/sasd-2021002.
Availability status: O súbory prístupné "on-line" na Internete, pre používanie ktorých platia štandardné podmienky

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