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How to find data

The SASD archives data particularly from quantitative empirical social research conducted on representative samples of the inhabitants of Slovak republic.

Search helps the users to search for information on research and for data files according to selected criteria - subject field, research programme type, representative research questions, the year of research, and others.

Data cataloque allows you to enter a list of archived results and of research documentation according to the data collection year from latest to oldest. Apart from the data collection year and the research name, direct access to data and to research documentation (used questionnaires, methodological description of the research, socio-political context of data collection) is possible as well.

With the help of nonrepresentative and other research it is possible to enter a list and a description of data and data collection methodology of other researches that are not based on a representative questionnaire type of social data collection.

All who would also like to have access to data files in format spss, should in case of online data file reception fill in the data access form. In case of other accessible data, they have to send a form including signature and company´s seal by letter on the address of SASD. The form defines the extent of accessibility of stored data files and thus the conditions under which the data can be obtained.

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