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Necessary Documentation

For archiving needs, the supplier is to attach the following pieces of information:

a) Documentation necessary for archiving (DDI template):
  • information about the authors
  • institutional background of the research
  • information about data collection
  • method of sample selection
  • representativity
  • overview of data transformation - derived features, weighing etc
  • information about primary data matrix (list of variables, key to variables and their values etc.)
  • presentation of important social events occurring at the time of data collection, which may have influenced the results of the research (for example parliamentary or presidential elections, political crisis and so on)
  • list of known publications that originated by the processing of requested data

b) research procedure form - basic model

c) research questionnaire and demonstration cards in doc, pdf format (in all languages used)

d) data file (primary data matrix in optional format)
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