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National Identity in Slovakia & ISSP 2003
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Variable groups:Variables in variable group "1. Identity and national origin - ISSP":Variables in variable group "2. Relation to foreign countries and organisations - ISSP":Variables in variable group "3. Migration, minorities and migrants - ISSP":Variables in variable group "4. Identity in Slovakia - SK":Variables in variable group "5. Relation toward himself, others people and groups - SK":Variables in variable group "6. Religion and beliefs - SK":Variables in variable group "7. Socioeconomic status of respondent":Variables in variable group "8. Sociodemographics data on respondent":Variables in variable group "9. Data on partner and family of respondent":Variables in variable group "10. Data for archivation and others":Variables not belonging to any variable group:
    All variables are part of a variable group.
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