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Society 2004
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Details for variable A3_C

Name: A3_C
Variable label: Participation: church or religious organisation

Literal question:

I am going to read you a list of voluntary associations. Please, state whether you belong or participate on activities of each association!
Church or religious organisation, society, group

LabelValue Frequency*%*
I belong153413.42
I belonged21433.59
I neither belong nor participate3285671.76
I do not belong, but help as a volunteer41624.07
I do not belong, but support the association financially51012.54
I do not belong, but participate on the activities61844.62

Summary statistics

Total Responses: 3980
Valid: 3980
Min. / max. value: 1 / 6
Mean / standard deviation: 2.92588 / 1.06099

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*Caution: Frequencies and percentages are calculated from unweighted data. If data were not collected using quota sampling, there could be significant differences between those unweighted values and the representative weighted figures.
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