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Details for variable A78_B

Name: A78_B
Variable label: Development in 5-10 years: district

Literal question:

What do you think how will the situation develop in your village (town), district and region in the next 5-10 years? Judge each of the territorial units separately!
In the next 5-10 years the situation in our district:

LabelValue Frequency*%*
situation will be noticeably improving11944.87
situation will rather be improving2123030.9
in some of areas situation will improve/in some worsen3156739.37
situation will be rather worsening450512.69
situation will be noticeably worsening5932.34

Summary statistics

Total Responses: 3980
Valid: 3980
Min. / max. value: 1 / 9
Mean / standard deviation: 3.35653 / 2.03346

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*Caution: Frequencies and percentages are calculated from unweighted data. If data were not collected using quota sampling, there could be significant differences between those unweighted values and the representative weighted figures.
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