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Society 2004
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Details for variable A31_A

Name: A31_A
Variable label: Current working activity of respondent

Literal question:

What is your current working activity, what can characterize best your working position?
Current working activity of the respondent:

LabelValue Frequency*%*
I have paid employment on a full-time basis1184946.46
I have paid employment on a part-time basis21032.59
I am a private farmer330.08
I am an entrepreneur with employees41072.69
I am entrepreneur without employees51734.35
combined: employment as well as private business6240.6
I am a member of cooperative society750.13
I help in the family business8130.33
I am a working pensioner10641.61
I am a working invalid11120.3
I am a student122215.55
I am on civilian or military service1320.05
I am a long-term unemployed142025.08
I have been unemployed for less than a year151854.65
I am a pensioner without work1682420.7
I am a invalid without work17781.96
I am a parent on maternity leave18852.14
I am in the household19200.5

Summary statistics

Total Responses: 3980
Valid: 3980
Min. / max. value: 1 / 20
Mean / standard deviation: 7.36508 / 6.87099

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*Caution: Frequencies and percentages are calculated from unweighted data. If data were not collected using quota sampling, there could be significant differences between those unweighted values and the representative weighted figures.
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