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Details for variable A55

Name: A55
Variable label: Finances: current main source

Literal question:

Overall financial income of a person can be created by more financial sources. These are for example, business gains, social benefits in a form of a pension and state benefits. Please, choose one form of an income from the list that best characterizes your current main source of financial security!

LabelValue Frequency*%*
I have no financial income02345.88
wage from the employer1200850.45
business profit23047.64
old age pension385621.51
invalidity pension41032.59
parental benefit51012.54
unemployment benefit61704.27
benefit in material need7741.86
other form of social welfare8481.21
income from property, investment or savings1040.1
financial support from family, relative and similar11521.31
income from other sources12260.65

Summary statistics

Total Responses: 3980
Valid: 3980
Min. / max. value: 0 / 12
Mean / standard deviation: 2.24799 / 2.14117

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*Caution: Frequencies and percentages are calculated from unweighted data. If data were not collected using quota sampling, there could be significant differences between those unweighted values and the representative weighted figures.
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