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Access rules
Categories of archived data

Providing you are interested in online access of publicly accessible data files for academic and information purposes - category O, A, B, fill in the following form.

Providing you are interested in data files marked by C, use the attached form, fill it in and send it together with signature and the official seal of the institution by post on the address of the Slovak Archive of Social Data (SASD).
  • O files accessible "online" on the internet, their use is valid under standard conditions
  • A files accessible "online" upon observance of limitations formulated by the data archive
  • B files accessible "online" upon observance of specific conditions stated by the author or the owner of rights of disposal on the research
  • C files are not presented "online", for providing the data, it is necessary to have a written consent of the archive manager or of the owner of the research data rights of disposal
  • X files are accessible only to certain institutes or people
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