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Access rules
Data access form

Please use this form for requesting archived data. When requesting on line accesible files (categories O, A and B) further download instruction will be send to your e-mail. Fields marked bold are compulsory.

Printed version of this form is only needed when requesting non on line accesible data from the C and X categories. More on categories of archived data can be found here.

I ask the Slovak Archive of Social Data (SASD) for data files and respective documentation of the following research (please, give the names, possibly registration number of the research of the requested data and materials):

I would like to use these data and materials for the following purposes:

Access to the requested data and materials will also be given to (please, give names of people and institutes):

While using data files of the Slovak Archive of Social Data (SASD) I undertake to comply with to the following conditions:
  1. I will use the requested data and materials only for the heretofore specified purposes of non-commercial research or education.
  2. Personal data about research respondents are strictly confidential. I will not publish them nor try to ascertain them and I will use the requested data and material with caution so as to secure the anonymity of respondents.
  3. While using the requested data files I will respect the author's rights. Upon publication of information based on the file data I will always state the data source, i.e. quote the research name and the author or executor of the research.
  4. I will not provide the requested data to other users for other than heretofore specified purposes without the consent of SASD.
  5. I will inform the SASD of the bibliographical data of all publications that originate within the framework of heretofore specified purposes.
  6. I take account of the fact that SASD takes no responsibility for possible unreliability of the data.
  7. I will secure that the conditions defined for the use of the Slovak Archive of Social Data files are binding also for all persons who will within the heretofore specified purposes have access to requested data and materials.



*signature in printed form

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